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Membership: Membership


Our Association consist 4 types of memberships:

Fellow Member


Any person whose current occupation is a jewellery designer and has been working in the jewellery industry for at least 10 years (5 of which specially in key position of jewellery design), and persons who have been Full Member for 5 consecutive years are qualified ofr Fellow Membership with HKJDA.

Full Member

HK$ 2,000

Any person who has had at least 3 years of full time working experience in the jewellery design field, and has extensive knowledge in jewellery design is eligible for Full Membership with the HKJDA.

Associate Member

HK$ 1,000

Any jewellery design graduate who has a recognized relevant degree or diploma, or apprentice who had completed the course and is engaged in actual design work of the industry with less than 2 years of experience may apply for Associate Membership with the HKJDA.  Associate Member is is not entitled to the right to vote or stand as a candidate in the HKJDA Committee Member elections.  However Full Membership can be applied upon completion of 3 years of Associate Membership and by presentation of relevant work subject to approval by the Founding Committee.

Student Member

HK$ 300

Any person at or above the age of 17 and who is studying jewellery design at a recognized institution or apprentice in jewellery design field is eligible for Student Membership.  Student Member may hold the membership for maximum for 5 years, depending on the duration of his/her studies.  Once his/her education at the institution is completed, his/her Student Membership will expire and automatically be upgraded to become an Associate Member.  Student Member is not entitled to the right to vote or stand as a candidate in the HKJDA Committee Member elections.

Membership Application

​Applicants should be a Hong Kong resident, or have lived in Hong Kong for a minimum period of 7 years.  Admission to the Association is subject to the approval of the HKJDA Founding Committee.  Hence the applicant will be required to present his/her protfolio to the HKJDA for review upon request.​


Please email the completed application form together with relevant supporting documents (as appropriate) to or send to HKJDA office.


By crossed cheque or bank draft

Should be made payable to "Hong Kong Jewellery Designers Association Company Limited"

Post-dated cheque will not be accepted.  Please put down the applicant's name at the back of the cheque or bank draft. 

Code of Conduct

In order to achieve the objectives of the Association, the Code of Conduct outlines precise standards of behavior expected of both members and their employees by the Association as enforcement.

1. Compliance with Law

All members of the Association shall conduct their membership contract in strict accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.

2. Honest and Fair Play

The Association supports and promotes honest and fair play with members of the Association to a great extent.  Members may present and publicise their original jewellery designs, however plagiarism such dishonest and illegal practice is strictly forbidden.  Integrity of the profession should be maintained at all times.

3. Community Activites

All members of the Assocaition are encouraged to take park in community affairs and events.  The Association also promotes members to contribute to charities and/or fund raising events.

4. Compliance with the HKJDA's Code of Conduct

All members should be aware that disciplinary action may be conducted if any of the Association's code is contravened.  The member who has committed the breach may also have committed an offence liable for criminal prosecution.  Any protests on possible breach of this code can be made to the Founding Committee of the Association and will be treated promptly and fairly.

Membership: Welcome
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